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Costa da Morte (The shipwreck route)

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A coastal journey to enjoy the never-ending sea, the towns and the locals of the harshest coastline of Galicia. We will travel between coves and lighthouses along this coast which is also very renown for its excellent seafood cuisine.

We will depart towards the town of Camariñas and Cape Vilán, in the heart of the Costa da Morte. This location lends its name to the lighthouse, which stands on an impressive rocky promontory at 125 m above sea level. This enclave of breathtaking beauty for its cliffs and scenery was declared Location of National Interest in 1933. The electric lighthouse was inaugurated in 1896 being the first of its kind at the time in Spain.

Our tour will take us through virtually untouched paths, which draw the coastline between secluded coves and dunes. We can visit the English Cemetery, where the remains of the 175 crew members of the British Royal Navy’s HMS Serpent rest since sinking in these shores in 1890 after running aground due to a heavy storm in front of the small village of Arou, witness to this and many other shipwreck sites we will visit in our path.

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Near Arou, the small fishing village of Camelle, known worldwide for having been chosen by the German hermit Man to build a museum on the sea front rocks that years later were stained black by the Prestige oil spillage disaster that partially destroyed his work. His neighbours say that his death came about as a result of having to witness such tragedy.

The road will take us to the town of Muxia, where tradition has it that the Virgin arrived in a boat made of stone where today stands the Santuario da Barca, erected on a twelfth-century chapel and a destination of pilgrimage and worship associated with the Jacobean tradition.

Our journey ends in the viewpoint of the end of the world, Cape Finisterre, upon which the lighthouse of the same name stands, representing the ultimate destination of the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. From this point we will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the estuary and Corcubión and we will be able to contemplate the sunset from one of the westernmost points of mainland Europe.