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Morrazo península

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A journey between the estuaries of Vigo and Pontevedra bordering the Morrazo peninsula. Enjoy breathtaking scenery of the estuaries and the experience the legacy that ancient civilizations left in this land and the legends treasured by its people.

Our tour runs through the village of Bueu, one of the most important in this coastal peninsula. Among the main attractions of this town there is the Masso Museum, located in an old building that was in other times a canned seafood factory. This museum holds an exceptional display of maritime and industrial heritage of Galicia.

We will continue along the north side of the peninsula enjoying breathtaking views over the Ría de Pontevedra. It will be worth to stop along the way and admire the small Aldán estuary, located within a much larger one. On its banks we will see ancient and stately manors and ancient granaries right by the sea. We will visit the small village of Hío known to have in the atrium of the Romanesque church of San Andrés, one of the most beautiful “cruceiros” stone crosses of Galicia.

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A few kilometres from Hío is the Facho de Donón, an area of extraordinary value and unique archaeological interest in the peninsula. Tradition has it that this place is the starting point for the afterlife and people in the area reported seeing the light of the souls in the cliffs at night.

The western point of the peninsula is crowned by Cape Home, where we can enjoy great views of the Cies Islands. We will be in an environment of high scenic and historical value in which one should not miss its lighthouses, cliffs and beaches.

Already in the south façade of Morrazo, bathed by the waters of the Ría de Vigo we will find the villages of Cangas and Moaña. Cangas boasts an important fishing port and is surrounded by beaches, not in vain is the Galician municipality with the highest number it, many of them with Blue Flag.

The highest point is in our tour will be the "Mirador de las tres rías" (three estuaries viewpoint) from where one can see the estuaries of Arousa, Vigo and Pontevedra.