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Barbanza mountain range

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A route for the lovers of natural and wild landscapes through the mountain range that overlooks the western coastal facade of Galicia. On our journey we will come across wild horses grazing in these mountains of megalithic landscapes, petro glyphs, dolmens and ancient settlements.

The Barbanza mountain range runs and dominates the north shore of the Ría de Arousa, the largest of the rías (estuaries) of Galicia. It is very characteristic for its plateaus with wild cattle, mainly horses and cows, which cross at will on the many tracks and paths we will go through. These mountains are source of the river Pedras, which in its descending course forms small waterfalls and natural rock pools where we can take dip.

Castro de Barona should be a mandatory visit, one of the best-preserved ancient settlements in Galicia and one of the very few located at sea level. This settlement was highly defensive given its strategic position located on a small stone peninsula attached to the mainland by a sand isthmus. This location is strongly fortified and within it 20 ancient circular plan homes remain.

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The southern end of the Barbanza mountain range is crowned by the Curota Peak, at 500 meters above sea level with a viewpoint of breathtaking views of the entire west coast of Galicia, from Cape Finisterre to Cape Silleiro, and between them, the rías (estuaries) of Vigo, Arousa, Muros-Noia and the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

Our journey ends in the Natural Park of the Sand Dunes of Corrubedo, a protected 2,500 acres ecosystem in which to enjoy more than 4 km of dunes, fresh and salt water ponds and the stunning beach of O Vilar , five kilometres of virgin white sand gently beaten by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The dune complex is inhabited by a variety of fauna and flora, highlighting the more than 35 species of birds.