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Rutas por Galicia

We offer a wide range of tours in Galicia for groups of all sizes. Enjoy our breathtaking scenery and succulent cuisine in comfort whilst being attended to by our professional drivers and professional guides.

Our service includes collecting your group’s passengers at the three Galician airports, railway stations or hotels. Browse our selection of tours, all selected to meet your group’s expectations (wine-tasting, gastronomy, landscape, ethnography).


Browse our selection of tours, all selected to meet your group’s expectations (wine-tasting, gastronomy, landscape, ethnography).

We also organise tours for people with reduced mobility.


For each route we indicate the prices depending on the number of participants. Itineraries are informative and the duration is approximate depending on customer preferences. Amounts shown do not include meals or entrance tickets unless stated.

Also, we are at your disposal to create a bespoke tour especially for you, even several days long. Please enquire here and we will be happy to assist you.

Costa da Morte (The shipwreck route)

A coastal journey to enjoy the never-ending sea, the towns and the locals of the harshest coastline of Galicia. We will travel between coves and lighthouses along this coast which is also very renown for its excellent seafood cuisine.

Barbanza mountain range

A route for the lovers of natural and wild landscapes through the mountain range that overlooks the western coastal facade of Galicia. On our journey we will come across wild horses grazing in these mountains of megalithic landscapes, petro glyphs, dolmens and ancient settlements.

Noia to Finisterre

A journey that begins at the Rías Baixas and ends up in the Rías Altas visiting the towns of Noia and Muros, which name the northernmost estuary of the Galician Rías Baixas. During the tour you can admire the contrast between the estuaries and mountain ridge crowned by Mount Pindo off Cape Finisterre. Discover the history of this land in their forts and impressive and unique natural areas.

Rías Baixas (Southern estuaries)

A journey that begins at the birthplace of most of the Galicia’s estuaries: Ría de Arosa, and finishes in Pontevedra. This route is ideal for the lovers of marine culture and its people. Enjoy the best cuisine in the land of Albariño wine.

Morrazo peninsula

A journey between the estuaries of Vigo and Pontevedra bordering the Morrazo peninsula. Enjoy breathtaking scenery of the estuaries and the experience the legacy that ancient civilizations left in this land and the legends treasured by its people.

Ribeira Sacra

This is the route of the monasteries and the Romanesque, of the heroic viticulture and the canyons of the Sil River. Our journey will take us to the banks of the river, flowing amongst terraced vineyards embedded upon steep slopes, which can reach 60%. This area has the highest concentration of Romanesque monasteries of Galicia and perhaps in Europe.

Discover Santiago de Compostela

A tour of Santiago de Compostela, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1985 and final destination of the Camino de Santiago, one of the most important routes of world pilgrimage.

Padrón: The first steps of the Jacobean tradition and land of the renowned peppers

This tour will take us back in time to the Roman Galicia and the origin of the pilgrimage tradition and pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Discover the origin of the famous peppers, which of course we will taste accompanied by the local white wine.

Pontevedra and Vigo

An journey to the more urban and industrial south of Galicia represented by the city of Vigo in contrast with Pontevedra, which has one of the best preserved historic areas of Galicia.

A Coruña and Betanzos

A day trip to tour of the Ártabro Gulf and the cities that give their name to two estuaries, A Coruña and Betanzos. We will visit the heart of the northern estuaries, the Portus Magnus Artabrorum where the Romans built the world's oldest operating lighthouse still in existence, the Tower of Hercules.